Cork Floor Sanding

Always seek qualified and experienced floor covering installer with references, when choosing a specialist. Added to this particular, cork flooring is anti-microbial, which suggests it is unwilling to pests, allergens and germs. First and foremost you're probably wondering how any type of wood based flooring product is usually eco-friendly. 00 per square feet for 3' planks, rates for these floors have remained consistent for a number of years.

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Cork Floor Sanding

Cork flooring is also unwilling to rather a handful of factors like moisture, mold, mildew, bacteria and allergens. This bark is actually harvested every 9 years after the tree matures, using an average lifetime of 200 years. Made up of several substrate layers based on the quality of the cork flooring selected, these floors are very similar in composition to engineered laminate flooring surfaces with better insulating as well as sound deadening qualities.

Refinishing old cork floors u2013 tips from the professionals

In fact, right after a cork oak tree matures it may be harvested every 9 years throughout the lifespan of its, which is roughly 150 to 200 years. Cork comprises an all natural compound called suberin. The truth is, countries like Portugal which account for a huge source with the worlds cork have strict laws in place on cork harvesting. Cork has been utilized in a variety of capacities for thousands of years like flooring.

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